BlockBuilder 2: The End of "Clunky"

SBI! started in January, 2001. This still-unique approach to online business-building gives you an "all-in-one-place" bundle of process, tools, updating, and guidance.

It is widely recognized as the way to build a successful online business. That's not boasting (here's the proof).

SBI! builds profitable e-businesses, not just websites or blogs. One of its 80+ modules is the "BlockBuilder," a unique sitebuilder that enables folks to far surpass WordPress users (and all others, actually).

SBI! constantly grows and develops to stay sharp, to keep SBI! owners ("SBIers") on the leading edge. It evolves so SBIers can grow their leads by larger and larger margins over their competitors...

  • constantly updated process (Action Guide in text and video) and information (variety of specialized "HQs")
  • upgrades to existing modules and addition of new modules to help SBIers leverage new trends with the least effort possible (ex., RSS, Web 2.0, social media), all at no extra cost
  • the addition of what has become the world's best small e-business forums

"Clunky" But Profitable

And We Mean Profitable...

SBI! sites rank higher than 97% of more than 56 million sites online.

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By late 2011, SBIers were still using SBI!'s original BlockBuilder, AKA "BB1." The uniquely effective aspects of BB1 were...

  • the simple block-by-block approach. (If you can stack blocks, you can build a web page.)
  • the built-in help that assures every SBIer knows how to build a site that delivers maximal value to the visitor and that ranks highly at the Search Engines.
  • a module that trains users how to optimize each page for Google (and all search) before they build it.

About 3 years ago, we recognized that BB1 was getting dated... you could even say "clunky." SBIers, naturally, prefer to be "clunky and successful" over "slick but struggling."

Rather than tweak BB1, we decided to deliver a next-generation sitebuilder that keeps all of BB1's strengths and that delivers an entirely new experience, one loaded with new and powerful features.

Three years later, BB2 launches! The pre-launch comments were excited (and exciting)!

Powerful stuff! BlockBuilder 2 and Site Designer turn SBI! into a driver's supercar. Now we have the oomph of BB1 and the ooooooh's of BB2.

- Erwin Steneker from

$3.5 Million and 3 Tons of Passion Later, We Give You BlockBuilder 2

The goal was not to "be as good as the best." It was to leapfrog all sitebuilding software. We gathered the wishes of SBIers ("follow your customer") and added our own ideas ("lead your customer").

Then we did more than "just" deliver the very best sitebuilding software. We built an entirely new and modern platform upon which to run it, as well as all future developments for the next 5-10 years.

When you try BB2, you will see that the other sitebuilders are now the ones that are way behind BlockBuilder...

  • BB2 is faster, easier, and fun to use, increasing SBIer productivity.
  • BB2 is loaded with more functionality, increasing SBIer effectiveness.

It's more than the end of "clunky." BB2 is indeed best-of-breed among sitebuilders.

How Much Extra Will SBI! Cost With BB2?

SBI! never increases in price. Every new or improved module is always automatically included for free. It's the same price now as it was 10 years ago.

That aside, it takes more than great sitebuilding software to build a successful e-business.

It takes the "all-in-one" nature of SBI!. And it takes...


That is where you come in. Do you have BAM?...

  1. Brain = knowledge about anything (everyone knows something about something)
  2. Attitude = a positive, "can-do" spirit
  3. Motivation = the determination to persist until you do

You need BAM to succeed at any business, online or off.

If you don't have it, stop reading. No one should ever promise you can build an online business without it.

If you do have it, you still need more than a slick sitebuilder, your own domain, and web hosting. That's where non-SBIers start. Sooner or later, you come to realize...

"I Am Alone"

No one has enough time to research, try, sort out and assemble everything else into the system of process-and-tools that you need for e-business success. It takes several full-time jobs to...

  • find and sort out the right information and the best tools.
  • to keep up with exploding amounts of information.
  • identify reliable, valuable guidance that you can trust.

The Web is too complicated to figure it all out. And it gets more complicated every year. You need an integrated system of "all of the above." That's SBI!.

So why have SBIers happily put up with a "clunky" sitebuilder for the last few years?

You tend to do that when you can focus totally on your business and build income while competitors build frustration.

Even a technical no-hoper like me could see that having a site that attracted motivated traffic was waaaaay more important than a sexy site with little or no traffic. Now we have both great looks and traffic!

- Harvey Chapman from

You do that, too, when you sell your business for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then start another.

SBIers Shift Into Hyperdrive

While a sitebuilder (including the new Site Designer) is only one piece of the puzzle, it's a big one. More powerful, easy and fun-to-use software makes more than sharp, modern-looking sites. It makes you more productive.

Like the original BlockBuilder, BB2 eliminates the need to know any HTML, CSS, PHP, and every other acronym. And like BB1, it trains you in efficient and effective page-building as you build. Unlike BB1, BB2 delivers....

  • a modern and slick interface (click images to the right for a larger view of "the end of clunky")
  • sleek and modern site designs, or create your own. (The end of "old-fashioned" looks.)
  • Site Designer, a visual designer with total control over most aspects of your design -- choose, switch, customize
  • visual page-builder, where you see your page and how it will look as you build it
  • Rich Text Editor, a truly state-of-the-art approach that is just like word-processing. (You can even copy-and-paste a Word document and all the word-processed text styling holds!)
  • "Sitewide Dots" at 18 locations, where whatever you enter (ex., ads, 2nd navigation) appears on all pages!
  • 5 Libraries (ex., Link Library, which adds the URL of each page and link automatically, for easy access later)
  • Filter tools that let you find whatever you need with just a keystroke or two
  • Smooth drag-and-drop of a wide variety of block types, each with its own toolbar that gives you tremendous flexibility
  • "Reusable blocks," which creates your own specialized blocks (ex., for ads, related pages, or anything you'll use more than once!)
  • Columns blocks, where you create newspaper-type "narrow column look" for content you want to call out (drag-and-drop easy)
  • Raw HTML blocks, to quickly add code for an embedded video, Google AdSense, an affiliate link that uses graphics or javascript, or anything that requires more than just text
  • Image blocks where the images automatically downsize to fit the space available!
  • Every modern feature of importance and then some, each simplified into as few clicks as possible

Want to see these features in action? Check out these videos!

SBIers are more effective and productive, extending their lead over competitors even further.

CLUNK (the sound of a jaw dropping and hitting the desk)! You have reinvented the wheel and made it a whole lot rounder so we can go a whole lot faster.

- Yoko & Geoff from

Best of Breed, But...

BB2 builds rock-solid, great looking pages that Search Engines love and that keep visitors coming back for more.

It's a productivity tool. Building and fine-tuning high-value content pages is now fun, fast, and easy.

Like any builder, though, it's not enough, not by itself...

  • not even with its still-unique "train you as you go" approach (that it retains from BB1)
  • not even with Facebook comments (optional) at the end of every page, making SBI! pages interactive and sending SBI! sites "viral" (did you know that Facebook comments are now indexed by Google?!)
  • not even with sleek designs, Sitewide Dots and all its other advantages

No sitebuilder, not even BB2, is enough by itself...

And That's the Beauty of SBI!

SBI! owners

Why isn't superb sitebuilding software enough to build a business?

As mentioned earlier, you are one person, alone.

It's too much work to figure out the firehose of information, let alone keep up to date with it all.

It's too complicated to sort through the crowded maze of tools that you "must have."

It's too baffling to find the best forum for each type of question you may have, let alone to be sure of the motivation behind an answer. The SBI! Forums are the only ones you'll need...

Everyone speaks the same language. No one tries to sell you anything (ex., affiliates who'll give you bad advice for a commission and outright con artists).

With SBI!, you are never alone...

  • We work for you, by eliminating the noise (99%) and giving you only the new and useful information (1%) that you really need.
  • SBIers work with you, guiding and answering, no matter what your question may be (ex., anything from "why embedding code is not working" to the "best ways to monetize your traffic").

That is the true magic of SBI!. It always has been.

SBI makes mind-blowing promises and then overdelivers on them. Love it!

- Antoinette Sawyer from

Get Started Today

Don't spend another second searching. Nothing better exists in this world if you want to build a long-term, profitable online business. Year after year, SBI! becomes a more effective business-builder.

BB2, as good as it gets (better, actually), is just part of that.

Use BlockBuilder 2 to build a website. Use the rest of SBI! to turn it into a business.

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